About Us

LingYu International Training Centre for Psychotherapy is the training branch of the LingYu International Psychology Centre, which is a professional organization for counselling and education services based in Toronto, Canada. We offer psychotherapy, psychological assessment, mental health counselling, professional supervision, consultation and training for businesses, training and education, and online training courses, and are recognized and supported by the International Psychology Association of Canada (IPAC) for our psychological services and training.

LingYu International Training Centre for Psychotherapy is a member of the Alliance for Psychotherapy Training Institutions (APTI) – comprised of the principal psychotherapy training institutions in Ontario – and an Institutional Member of the Canadian Association for Psychodynamic Therapy (CAPT)

Students at LingYu International Psychotherapy Training Centre study to become psychotherapists. We offer instruction in two types of therapeutic practice: Psychodynamic Psychotherapy and Couple and Family Therapy. Courses are available in both Canada and China.