Mission Statement and Faculty

The Toronto International Psychology Center (TIPC) Psychotherapy Training Program provides a unique course of training that combines two dynamic approaches to clinical work: Psychodynamic Therapy and Couple and Family Therapy.

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy has as its guiding principle the acceptance of the reality of an unconscious dynamic, operating outside of ordinary awareness, that has powerful affects on the thoughts, feelings and actions of everyone in their daily lives.

Couple and Family Therapy has as its guiding principle that human challenges and growth occur in a relational context, and that individuals experience themselves, and understand their lives, in a web of social and interpersonal relationships.

These two healing approaches are complementary to each other and together provide a comprehensive framework for overcoming obstacles to full and creative living. In this integrated framework, TIPC offers students the opportunity to develop powerful tools for the practice of psychotherapy. 

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Our faculty members are highly professional and experienced in various areas. They include, but are not limited to, psychologists, psychotherapists, mental health consultants, professional supervisors, career counsellors, educators, advanced administrative management consultants and chartered financial advisors.

Core Faculty

Adjunct Faculty

  • Natasha Browne
  • Jerome S. Blackman
  • Joanne Crabtree
  • Ingrid Dresher
  • Sharon Ramsay
  • John Gross
  • Jackie Herner
  • Sharon MacIsaac-McKenna   
  • Brenda Bolliger
  • Carlton Brown
  • T.Y. Wong