Graduates of Toronto International Psychology Center (TIPC) psychotherapy training program have several distinct advantages to help them in their careers:

Entrance to the CRPRMHTO

Our training programs prepare students to become fully-qualified practitioners. Our training meets the entrance requirements of the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO). Once accepted to the College, our graduates are able to practice as Registered Psychotherapists in Ontario.

APTI Membership

TIPC is a member of the Alliance of Psychotherapy Training Institutions (APTI), an organization comprised of the principal psychotherapy training institutions in Ontario. This group of training institutions - with over one hundred years of collective experience - joined together to offer their collective experience to the government of Ontario in formulating requirements and standards for training and professional development in psychotherapy. Toronto International Psychology Center has the distinction of being the only training institution that trains Mandarin-speaking students to become Registered Psychotherapists who will work with the Mandarin-speaking population of Ontario.

CAPT Membership

TIPC is also an Institutional Member of the Canadian Association for Psychodynamic Therapy (CAPT). CAPT is a national, professional association of psychodynamic psychotherapists, training institutes, and organizations committed to the preservation, practice, study and advancement of psychodynamic therapy. It is committed to fostering the various forms of psychodynamic psychotherapy, supporting high minimum standards of training in psychotherapy and high ethical standards, and to encouraging and facilitating the professional development of its membership. TIPC students qualify to become student members of CAPT and to apply for liability insurance for the practice of psychotherapy when they have reached that stage of their training

Employment Opportunities

TIPC is able to provide the unique advantage of practical opportunities. Students can acquire their clinical experience at the LingYu International Psychology Centre in Toronto, Ontario. In this way, interns working under supervision can earn money, and may eventually be offered the opportunity to work as Registered Psychotherapists at LingYu.


TIPC classes provide great networking with other Chinese professionals.

We look forward to seeing our graduates working as Registered Psychotherapists in the community and eventually becoming supervisors and teachers for future generations of psychotherapy students.

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