TIPC Ontario Registered Psychotherapist Training Program


The Toronto International Psychology Center (TIPC) Registered Psychotherapist Training Program consists of a four year training in psychotherapy theory and clinical knowledge for students who want to learn to practice psychotherapy.  The program focuses on training in the competencies required for psychotherapists by the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO). 

Toronto International Psychology Center (TIPC) cooperates with a wide range of psychology and education institutes to improve the psychological well-being of people living in our multicultural society.  We provide public mental health trainings and seminars, professional continuing education, as well as online mental health courses.

  • First registered psychotherapist training program established by minority in Ontario
  • Professional multicultural training team focus in training competent therapist to serve among minority communities
  • Evening & weekend classes available
  • Comfortable and accessible learning environment
  • Teaches the competencies required by the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario
  • Provide clinical practice
  • Potential work opportunities at LingYu International Psychology Center

The TIPC Ontario Registered Psychotherapist Training Program provides a unique course of training that combines two dynamic approaches to clinical work: Psychodynamic Therapy and Couple and Family Therapy.

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy has as its guiding principle the acceptance of the reality of an unconscious dynamic, operating outside of ordinary awareness, that has powerful affects on the thoughts, feelings and actions of everyone in their daily lives.

Couple and Family Therapy has as its guiding principle that human challenges and growth occur in a relational context, and that individuals experience themselves, and understand their lives, in a web of social and interpersonal relationships.

These two healing approaches are complementary to each other and together provide a comprehensive framework for overcoming obstacles to full and creative living. In this integrated framework, LingYu offers students the opportunity to develop powerful tools for the practice of psychotherapy.