Canada Training

  • Adam Crabtree
    LingYu Director of Training; Author; Lecturer; Therapist; Hypnotherapist; Trainer; Supervisor
    Adam Crabtree is cofounder of the Centre for Training in Psychotherapy in Toronto, Canada. He has written several books in the field of psychotherapy and the history of hypnosis. He teaches students training to be psychotherapists and lectures in the fields of psychotherapy, hypnosis, dissociation and multiple personality, and the history of psychodynamic therapies.
  • Susan Wood
    Psychodynamic therapist; Teacher, Supervisor; Faculty Advisor; Registrar; Past President CAPT
    Graduated from the University of Toronto in 1974. She has had extensive, diverse training and education in psychodynamic psychotherapy and has been a therapist in private practice and other settings since 1979. She is highly experienced working with adults, groups, couples and families and co-facilitates a CTP psychotherapy training group. Susan has been a therapy educator and supervisor since 1985.
  • Kyle Killian
    PhD; RMFT; Director, Couple and Family Therapy Training Program, LingYu International Psychological Centre; AAMFT Clinical Fellow and Approved Supervisor
    Kyle D. Killian, Ph.D., RMFT received his B.A. in Psychology from Miami University and his masters and doctoral degrees in Marriage and Family Therapy from the AAMFT-accredited program at Syracuse University, New York. A couple and family therapist with 25 years of experience, Dr. Killian is an associate professor at York University and Research Faculty at the Centre for Refugee Studies.
  • SiYi Zhang 张思怡
    Director; Psychotherapist
    Siyi has a background in medicine, psychology counselling, psychotherapy, training and education in psychotherapy. She has been a guest expert in radio and television programs, has participated in relief efforts for disaster victims who are coping with psychological trauma and PTSD.
  • Rui Tian 田锐
    Mr. Rui Tian, Clinical Manager at LingYu International Psychology Centre, is a qualifying member and Executive Director (Treasurer) of Ontario Society of Psychotherapists who specializes in mental health and addictions. Mr. Tian has been trained and certified as Solution-Focused Therapist, Addictions and Mental Health therapist, and professional coach.
  • Natasha Browne
    Clinical Psychologist
    Dr. Natasha Browne is a registered psychologist and her qualifications include a Psy.D in Clinical Psychology. She has worked with clients in diverse settings including community health centres, general hospitals, social service agencies, community colleges and private practice. Dr. Browne’s expertise include Emotional distress, Workplace difficulties, Relationship difficulties, Anger Management, Grief and Bereavement, Cross cultural issues, Chronic pain, Motor vehicle accidents etc.
  • Jerome S. Blackman
  • John Gross
  • Sharon MacIsaac-McKenna
    PhD; Psychotherapist; Instructor
    Sharon MacIsaac-McKenna is a practicing psychotherapist and a founding Faculty Member of the Centre for Training in Psychotherapy in Toronto, Canada. She tries in her teaching and practice to recognize the broad interrelationships that psychotherapy has with other fields and disciplines. She is a lecturer, author, mother and grandmother.
  • Diane Marshall
    M.Ed; Registered Marriage and Family Therapist; Clinical Fellow & Approved Supervisor AAMFT/OAMFT; Director, Institute of Family Living
  • Sharon Ramsay
    MDiv; Registered Marriage and Family Therapist; Clinical Fellow and Approved Supervisor, AAMFT/OAMFT; Private Practice.
    Since 1998, Sharon has been an educator of masters-level counselling students. In her therapy practice, Sharon consults with couples, individuals and families on a variety of issues covering stages of the family life cycle. Sharon is informed by emotion-focused and collaborative ways of working in her clinical, supervisory and teaching relationships.
  • Brenda Bolliger
    MSW, Registered Marriage and Family Therapist, AAMFT Clinical
    Brenda has 30 years of experience in CFT practice and providing training and consultation in the field. She completed her MSW at the University of Calgary where she was trained primarily in brief and social constructionist therapies. Her private practice focuses on children’s mental health issues, relationship based issues, and loss.
  • Carlton F. Brown
    M.Sc., M.Div., RMFT
    Carl is a Clinical Fellow of the Ontario Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, a registered marriage and family therapist, and an Approved Supervisor. He have been practicing as a therapist since 1993, and has been in full time private practice since 2005.
  • Geraldine Fogarty
    Ph.D.; Psychotherapist; Psychoanalyst; Lecturer
    Geraldine Fogarty has worked in private practice as a psychotherapist for twenty-eight years and has practiced psychoanalysis for the past eight years. Geraldine holds a Ph.D. in the Psychology of Religion (Psychoanalysis) from the University of Toronto and she is a graduate of the Toronto Institute of Psychoanalysis (TIP), where she is now on faculty.